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What is LED Light Therapy?

Light therapy is a gentle process by which energy is delivered to the skin via light emitting diodes (LED), and is absorbed by the cells for therapeutic benefits through a process called "photo-stimulation."  The various energy wavelengths (red, blue, green, infra-red, and amber) penetrate the skin at different depths, and stimulate various metabolic activities.  It provides the energy cells (ATP) needed to activate the production of new collagen and elastin, as well as increase circulation; leaving your skin healthier, and younder looking. 


Most LED systems used today offer therapies comprised of a single or dual wavelength for photo-stimulation, often resulting in longer exposure times; which, is necessary to achieve the desired result.  The Multi-Wave system is the only system to offer complex light therapy treatments through the use of multiple wavelenths.  By combining complex sequences of visible light, and infra-red with varied pulsing rates into each treatment, we can reduce the treatment exposure times necessary while increasing the effectiveness of each treatment to achieve noticeable results in less time.

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