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Aromatherapy for Your Pet

Aromatherapy is a well-known treatment for various human conditions. It’s traditionally known to help people with mind and body ailments, but it’s gaining a reputation for its effectiveness on pets as well.

Pets, like humans, can suffer from many of the same medical conditions. Arthritis, for instance, is a painful condition that can affect a Chihuahua the same way it affects its 65-year old owner.

No one likes to see their pet suffer. It can be heartbreaking because to most pet owners, their four-legged friend is a part of the family. Aromatherapy can be the non-intrusive, affordable remedy you need to help your pet feel better.

While we may not be able to know the exact mindset of our pets, we do know that pets sometimes exhibit anxious feelings when they’re feeling scared, intimidated, or unsure of their surroundings.

These feelings can cause them to lose sleep and be on edge, often snapping at those they love. Some pets will “voice” their frustrations while others will be quiet, but their nervous conditions cause chunks of their fur to fall out. Aromatherapy can have a calming effect on your pet.

Hyper-activeness is another condition some pets may experience. Certain scents used to deliver a calming effect during aromatherapy can help calm your pet down to a certain degree and will work wonders when paired with positive training.

Some pets can benefit from adding aromatherapy to the medical treatments they’re receiving from their veterinarians. It sometimes helps the medical treatments work faster. It may also calm the animal’s anxiety and fear long enough for them to be treated.

Before starting an aromatherapy program on your pet, educate yourself thoroughly. While traditional aromatherapies are effective and safe for humans, not all are recommended for pets.

Animals can be sensitive to some aromas and the oils should be diluted before using this therapy on them. Consult your vet on which oils can be used, how much they should be diluted, and before starting any aromatherapy program on your pets.

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